Second week of ‘Apa Padah Kitak?’ highlights five of the most interesting topics such as Sarawak’s win against Sime Darby, the defeat to Kelantan, the treatment of away fans, and last but not least, the injury of JKT.


  • While I agree that the strikers have not performed as expected, blame also has to be put on the midfielders as the engine room of the team. Ingat, strikers adalah penyudah serangan tapi apa nak disudah mun xda peluang dicipta bhgn tengah. Cross madot, passing hit & hope, sikda supporting runs. Also, some blame also have to be put on RA for lacking ideas besides his usual 4-4-2. There is no plan B. Subatitution is like for like & does not inspire any change of game play. Is he really a tactition? Well I hope he comes up with something else rather than just 4-4-2. A 4-2-1-3 could work wonders with AR14 supporting 2 a striker and two wide men, but that’s just me. And pls stop saying we need Guy Bwele because the guy only knows two footed/scissors challenge s& if our refs were anywhere near FIFA standards he would’ve gotten sent off in more than one occassions – QC Bati [fb]
  • No.5 main mcm sik langsung sik perform..dua2 nya tok langsung sik da skill..fas have to do something..sik da salibasic twam swak sik menyengat..dah ticket mahal..tempat duduk beebumbung keda pa..paeking pun urang sukati jak.. – John S Harry [fb]
  • Every second counts. No rooms adaptation. Professional player’s must be able to adapt the game in short period of time. FAS must fill in local striker’s whilst waiting for transfer window. Ali and Milo is proven incompetent lacking in basic football. It was the most shameful game ever displayed by SWK – Jerry S Sirat [wb]
  • Striker kita langsung xda kualiti. Dr match lawan ATM, Penang sampey lah lawan Kelantan malam tadik langsung xda finishing touch. Mun kat BPL, lalu balit negeri dirikpun balitnya – Fir Affandi [fb]
  • The point of getting an import to ugrade from our local striker..not degrade it.. we can see muamer in his first match eventho..he doesnt gel well in the upcoming match ..but thers definetly an unpolish talent there waiting to be unleash..and the end of the season..muamer does accomplish to reach those level..milo n ali..doesnt show ny glimpse of it..from the pre season up until the real match. – Ziq Goucho [fb]


  • Xda istilah liga masih awal n game masih banyak. 2 straight losses in an opening game is ridicoulous for an ‘invicible’ team. The team should be ready physically n mentally n well prepared during off season break. 0-1 is a waste. Even 0-0 is not an option. This is not right. Something need to be done – Zurkarnain Majidi Wong [fb]
  • Kmk sebagai penyokong setia kmk nang kecewa habis terhadap 2pemain import penyerang ali dgn janjus prestasi pemain ya nang teruk habis kmk harap pihak pengurus pasukan tukar pemain ya tapi 2pemain import bagus setakat tok Gabor dan salibasic apa-apa pun selasa tok kita mahu salibasic kembali main. – 아들왕자 [fb]
  • Admin..overall,swak main ok..2 player import ya lom cun lagi..bagus agi akhmal rizal main tek..cari agi player import nok berkualiti dri kmk warga swak energy. – Eric Robert [fb]


  • Just for the record, for those who were not there: (1) Bukan masalah dengan away fans. Semua okay. (2) Bukan masalah dengan home fans. Home fans pun ok. Semua duduk and berdiri sebelah nyebelah. Sama sama bersorak!. “Masalahnya: (1) Away fans sik cukup tempat duduk. Pertukaran dari tempat biasa they were seated.They had to stand. (2)Home fans disuruh pindah last minute,some are there since 5pm, pay RM25 per person. 10 minute game mauk start, you are asked to give up seat by management.” In the end, because line depan berdiri, everybody had to stand also to watch football. There was never a problem with away+home fans bercampur, no provocation, just good banter. Cuma harap, seating diatur awal, or allocated, managed earlier. Home or away we all pay the same for good facilities and management. – Ezam Ariff [fb]
  • If last minutes changes than it is ridiculous… by the way my brothers… nice chants from sarawakians… nice game… defend is very good.. kalang tie n ashri chuchu is superbbb… unlucky becuase delibasic is not playing tonight… nice game brothers… respects – Shah Mizam [fb]
  • Salam,saya penynkong kelantan yg ada sekali digate b.mulanya kami risau bila ditempat kan berhampiran sebab bimbang provokasi berlaku.ada yang bawa anak kecil.jadi perubahan saat akhir melegakan kami.terimg kasih.ada 6 org penyokong diescort ketempat n safety tip top.dan penyokong sarawakmemang baik.betulla apa yg dikatakan penykong pahang.datangla kenegeri kami.anda pasti dpt layanan setimpal. – Wan Ashraf Wan Husin [fb]
  • Jgn jadi jaguh kampong bodo disituk.kita jumpa n highlight benda tuk dgn compromy for safety.if i had to halau u from stadium for safety reason.i will.sik kira lambat or cepat.faham?NO compromy……..for safety…sik paham?kau baca semua balit apa nak ditulis …mistake has been with it..for safety reason. – Ali Azis [fb]


  • kecederaan hamstring tok boleh dikategorikan serius juak…bagi yang biasa main bola, nya memang tauk betapa sakit kecederaan tok. Jangan madah nak berekot dan sepak bola, nak bejalan pun setengah nyawa rasa nya…harap2 JKT dapat pulih dengan cepat dengan bantuan pegawai medic FAS. – Dihsan Jul [fb]
  • JKT’s absence last night clearly affected the pace of the game.. Sarawak almost depended heavily on Zamri and Ashri and yet these two players played very well.. thanks to Sani, Ronny and Gyepes for the tremendous saves.. Milorad and Akmal should be more creative and active to look for goal opportunities.. I still have my trust on Milorad and Akmal.. what a perfect free kick! Robert Albert, please do something on our offensive.. go ngap sayot! – Mohd Sutiadi Hamsawi [wb]


  • Tahniah Sarawak FA. Kmk org puas hati mlm tok. – Fasha Eryna [fb]
  • Tahniah sarawak..teruskan usaha. Misi perjuangan – Naga Keramat [fb]
  • Congrats Crocs players but sadly to say,Janjus is like Andy Caroll…FAS choosing the wrong players like Akmal, Janjus and Ali Rezza….there are a lot of talented local players, Gabor is like former import player: JEFF CURREN – Junaidi Bin Mohamad [wb]

Thank you for all your feedbacks, and we hope more will continue to pour in.

This time around, we noticed some ’emotional’ replies, and there was a call to ‘ban reps of Sarawak Crocs, or rather remove us from the stadium’ because the person feels Sarawak Crocs is a threat to security when we highlighted the plight of our local and away fans in an article and sharing over Facebook. We even had a call from ‘higher above’ about the issue in which we have been too critical on some people. – We felt these people missed the point, but let’s move on to correct mistakes, and improve. We believe criticism can do wonders if accepted in the correct manner.

Move forward, and Ngap Sayot.