Harimau Muda A (Malaysian under-23 team) head coach, Ong Kim Swee has announced that only three out of eight players he had called-up for national duty will play in the coming World University Games.

According to Kim Swee in his tweet, only Nazirul Naim (FC Ryukyu), Prabakaran Kanadasan (Sime Darby) and K. Reuben (ATM) would join his team in the games which play at Kazan, Russia. The other five will not feature in the games due to commitments with their respective clubs.

The decision was believed to have came after clubs, including Sarawak request for later reporting dates for their respective players as the Malaysian league comes to an end.

OKS had purposedly written K'kelab' (Club) in capital letters, speculating he may be annoyed with the decision.
OKS had purposedly written ‘kelab’ (Club) in capital letters, speculating he may be annoyed with the decision.

Kim Swee however is believed to be annoyed with the decision he had to make as he highlighted the word ‘club’ in capital letters in his tweet.

Kim Swee’s tweet somewhat confirms that Sarawak’s Junior Eldstal would now be able to join his team mates in the final three games of the Malaysia Premier League, which the Crocs are hoping to win this season.

For the record, Sarawak have yet to be beaten in the league, and are whiskers away from being crowned champions of the season. The Crocs have already reached their target of getting promoted to the Super League next season.

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