The Malaysian League (M-League) took another step for forward with media rights company MP & Silva announced to have won the bid to sponsor the league for 15 years beginning this year.

President of FAM, Tengku Abdullah announced that the value of the sponsorship is worth RM1.26 billion.

The news puts to rest much speculations about who would be the new sponsor of the M-League after ASTRO’s sponsorship ended last season.

For the fans, the guessing game now begins on who and where would their favorite team be telecast on TV as MP & Silva is not a broadcasting powerhouse like ASTRO and Fox SPorts Asia, whom were also in the running for the sponsorship bid.

Nonetheless, with both ASTRO, Fox Sport Asia, ESPN and many other sports dedicated channel being clients of the company, telecast of the M-League should not be a problem.

MP & Silva is a leading rights company in the world which also deals with the Bundesliga, Asia Football Confederation, FIFA, Formula 1, Seria A, the Scottish League and other international events.

Previously, the sponsorship of the M-League has caused the start of the new season to be delayed to 30 January.

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