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Kuching City looking forward to Sabah’s visit

Kuching City FC is looking forward to Sabah FC’s up-coming visit to Stadium Negeri for their first match in the prestigious Piala Malaysia.

Interim head coach, Firdaus Morshidi made this known when he was asked about the team’s preparations for the up-coming match versus rivals Sabah FC.

Morshidi said that he will look into his players availability before training and will decide on what’s next for the team.

“We will looks into players who are available and not available, and we will train again. We are looking forward to the Piala Malaysia match against Sabah.”

Prior to this, Sabah had defeated Kuching City in their last encounter in Likas.

The Piala Malaysia however is known to be a very different ball game and could see The Cats cause an upset against The Rhinos which had been having a good run in the Liga Super.

In case you didn’t know, the match between Kuching City and Sabah will be played on 3rd August and it will be televised live.

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