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Sponsored video: This shocking video will blow your mind

As sports fans, we often want the best coverage on the sport we love. Such intense coverage would allow us fans to enjoy the best of every moment in the sports, and allow us to not miss a game.

Well, what would you say if the coverage of your favourite sport would follow you like what you see in the video below:

Shocked? Well, that’s how intense the coverage would be like for Rugby with Rugby Pass Asia covering the game. The walk to the car in the empty basement only adds to the drama of the video, which we believe is related to the massive action you’d get from watching Rugby games live at Rugby Pass Asia.

While we do not expect players to follow you home, or to get a ride in your car, let alone have a total stranger sit at your back seat uninvited, the fact that you will get such close coverage (as depicted in the video) is indeed something all sports fans would like.

Don’t believe us? Well, think about not missing all the big games and streaming your favourite game in High-Definition (HD) over your phone, PC or TV. It’s like a dream come true!

Now, just remember however that if such coverage is possible for another sport of your liking, be sure to look into the back seat of your car before you get in. You never know who would be following you home.

This post has been sponsored by Rugby Pass Asia

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