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Sabah FA to go local next season

Sabah FA (SAFA) has expressed their desire to appoint a local coach for the coming season.

According to its Deputy President, Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan, the association believes that a local coach would have better communication with the players, while he admitted that this was the problem with previous coaches Sabah had signed.

Tawfiq added that communication problems were so bad that even the local assistant coach had problems translating what was instructed by the head coach.

This, according to Tawfiq, had prompted SAFA to go for a local coach next season, adding that better communication would result in players understanding what needs to be done on the field.

Tawfiq also added that several local coaches have stated their interest in joining Sabah, but SAFA is still deliberating on the appointment.

Sabah has had poor luck with coaches this season with several Azraii Khor leaving the Rhinos before the season started, and replacement coach Simunic not being able to steer the team into much improvements.



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