Former national striker Akhmal Rizal has signed with Sarawak FA effective today.

The Kedah born player who is 31 revealed on Twitter that he has closed a deal with the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) at a well known hotel in Shah Alam today.

According to Akhmal, he has signed a one year deal with the Crocs, and he is set to give his best for his new team.

The striker whom is known for his foreign stint at France side RC Strasbourg, has a very impressive scoring record with over 100 goals scored since he began his professional carrier.

Aside from excelling in his club stints, Akmal also fared impressively with the national team, able to convert nine goals out of his 20 national cap.

Like the Crocs, Akhmal had already lifted both the FA Cup, and the Premier League, but has yet to win the Malaysia Cup with any side he played with.

His signing has not come to a surprise for us at as the 1.7m striker has previously tweeted that he will be signing with a semi-finalist of the 2013 Malaysia Cup next season.

Sarawak FA fans have expressed mixed reaction over their new striker although a vast majority have welcomed the former Kedah FA player with open arms.

Akhmal will fly to Kuching on the 26th of November and is expected to join his new comrades in training the day after.

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