Kuala Lumpur is building quite a team in recent weeks with the team known as City Boys announcing they have snapped up former Sarawak player Juninho Junior Aperecido de Souza for the coming season.

Juninho, popular for his high work rate when he was playing in Sarawak FA, returned to his birth place Brazil after his stint in Kuching, but soon was impressive enough to earn himself a contract with Kuala Lumpur next season.

The former Timor Leste international who scored five goals when with Sarawak FA, will be joining winger, and former Sarawak FA teammate Ashri Chuchu who earned a contract extension with the newly promoted team.

Kuala Lumpur which today just obtained the football club license to play in the Liga Super next season, had also snapped up Zaquan Adha, Indra Putra Mahayuddin (from Kelantan FA) and Firdaus Faudzi from Terengganu FA.


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