A former Sarawak FA player is said to be the most likely candidate of the new Sarawak FA team.

According to a source, the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) is in the midst of courting the individual and negotiating terms of his contract.

Known for his vast experience in football, the individual is no stranger to Sarawak football and had previously played with Sarawak FA in the 90s.

He is regarded as a household name on the Sarawak football scene at some point.

If everything goes as plan, the individual will likely be revealed as Sarawak FA’s new head coach by the end of the month, or at the first week of December 2018.

While we are excited about the prospect of this coach coming back to Sarawak FA after years, this latest relevation is not confirmed until an official announcement is made by FAS themselves.

However, being the press statement friendly organisation they are since Posa took over, we can be quite sure such a massive announcement like this would likely be made in their new ‘eye-catching’ manner.

If you can’t figure the coach out, think about ‘long throws’. We aren’t dropping any names so don’t bother asking.

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