SarawakCrocs covers Sarawak football news intensively, but we do not limit ourselves to Sarawak.

After years of operating, we have grown to also cover other football related news which include international football news, Malaysian football news and futsal news.

While we understand that other football related portals would also cover football news, we’d like to think that SarawakCrocs makes it easy for football lovers to keep up with their favourite team within one website.

Sarawak FA 2013

The following are the players of the Crocs for 2013: The following are Sarawak's players listed according to their jersey numbers: 1 Saiful Amar Sudar 2 Ronny...

Sarawak FA announces the return of Salibasic

Sarawak FA just minutes ago announced that Muamer Salibasic has now returned to Stadium Negeri. While there was no mention of a contract, Sarawak made...
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