Loyal servant of the Crocs, Ashri Chuchu has decided to leave the club as his contract ends.

The once energetic winger has decided to end his reign at Stadium Negeri with hope he would find a ‘different breath of air’.

The former national player is seeking to play more regular football, hinting that he has not gained such opportunity with the Crocs.

Ashri therefore has agreed to sign with urban team, Kuala Lumpur for the coming season, with him officially being their player this coming Saturday.

When with Sarawak, Ashri was a superb winger and was once hailed as one of Sarawak’s best players.

However, a leg injury caused him to be sidelined for quite sometime, and Ashri had since failed to find his touch.

With Sarawak, Ashri had helped the Crocs win the Liga Premier title in 2013.

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